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eDiscovery Solutions knows the amount of electronic information being generated by companies these days is staggering. Some or all of it may end up in a courtroom at some point in time. There are many ways to effectively manage this vast amount of data along with the ever increasing costs associated with responding. Let eDiscovery Solutions strategize with you and your client to create the best methodology to utilized the latest technology to collect, process and review data efficiently and effectively.

Our state of the art facilities and technologies have the capacity to process large volumes of electronic and hard copy data more quickly and accurately than ever before. eDiscovery Solutions uses advanced filtering and analytics to process and narrow the volume of data for review in a more meaningful manner. We can process almost any type of data, including legacy formats, back ups, unusual email formats and multilingual scenarios.

eDiscovery Solutions can access corrupt files, erased or deleted evidence, password protected or encrypted files as well as techniques for native file processing, tiff production, text and metadata extraction. All is done with a personal touch and the highest regard for customer service and satisfaction.

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